Friday, June 18, 2010

Hi and a note from Kat

Hi dear CT members,
thank you for your amazing creations and tutorials, all of them are much appreciated.
The recent sad events at AMI, Leah's passing and the subsequent closing of AMI caused a lot of confusion, especially for tutorial writers.
I am sorry for that and for the fact, that many of your links in the tutorials won't work anymore since they lead to AMI pages.
The bundles I had at AMI will not be sold further, but I try to bring back as many of the kits as possible as time goes. The tubes I had in those AMI bundles, are available at

I also offer a license exchange for all who want that. There is no need to worry about your licenses from AMI since they are still valid and life long.

A tragedy like that could not be foreseen by anyone and it will bring some inconveniences for  every one involved.
have a great day

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