Monday, November 30, 2009


Welcome to our 3 new CT members - we all are so thrilled to have you here and you already did a fantastic job with the NKDA products. Thanks for introducing yourself to the team and for posting on this blog - I appreciate this so much. Big thank you to all CT members for their amazing work and contribution - what would a designer or artist be without you, backing up kits and art with your fantastic imagination and work. This month much is about christmas but I also plan to release non-christmas products for a little change in the sight lol. The new kit 'Dragonfly, Dragonfly' is available for the CT and I am working on a painting, don't know where it will take me, but maybe the result will again match the kit (this happens often, but never intentionally leave alone 'planned' lol), guess once i stick with a colorscheme or theme, it seems to linger while i work on a new painting. I know you all get the best out of my products anyway and you always found a way to present them in a terrific tut or creation.
Please bare with me when it comes to mails, i will answer them, but mostly with delay since recently my mailbox is flowing over every morning, i am by now about one week behind lol, if you need urgent reply, please mark your message important and i will pick it out asap.

off to new deeds and wishing all of you a fantastic day and week
hugs & much love to all

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